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Once Upon a Doll Story is the tale of a forgotten doll lost in a spooky attic filled with dark corridors and glowing eyes. Unsure of who she is or what her purpose is this little doll seeks a way out of this dreadful place and seeks a girl called Emily. 

This is the first chapter demo of Doll Story and plays approx 7-10 minutes long. No current alternate story routes, however there are some point and click elements which can give dialogue variety to different sections. 

Doll Story was created in the Tyranobuilder engine. All visuals, photography, and art are all original works by me. All other credits are listed within the game.

~Extra Credits Game Jam Info~

Created for the Extra Credits Winter Game Jam 2018 with the theme "present"  over the course of 4 days. This is actually my first time dipping my toes into making games/visual novels, as I've relatively stayed on the more artsy side of the table and left the coding to other more skillful people. However I'm incredibly grateful to have gotten to participate in this jam, as it turns out, I loved making this little VN! 

This is only the first chapter of five I had originally planned on making, but only had time for the one within the 4 days of the jam. It's only a little baby of a game right now, so I'm hoping to continue this into a full playable version of the whole story by Christmas so fingers crossed! A big thank you to Extra Credits for holding this, giving me the push to finally try to make some games with some of my cute art. 


Interested in the making of Doll Story? Over the four days I worked on the game I documented the whole process from making the art and visuals to sound design to programing the game. I'll be posting about the process of making it soon in a devlog soon. So keep an eye out ;)

This is only a short demo of my vision for the whole game of Doll Story yet to be released. If you have any ideas on things to include into the game to improve the experience then feel free to mention them below, I may include them in the next update! As the full game is still in development I'm still changing things around, such as adding branching choice variables and such. So any feedback is very helpful!  

If you enjoyed the art and story of Doll Story then please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, and I hope you all have a wonderful time playing! 

~Updates/Fixes ~

(These are just fixes for the game from reported issues: game not opening or the  credits button not working etc. Still the same version uploaded for the jam minus game breaking issues)

  • 12/19/18 - Fixed windows version not opening issue.
  • 12/20/18 - Fixed "Credits" button not working on main menu, fixed glitchy click-box issue. 


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The character is so incredibly cuuuuuuute!


little late, but I played your game and thought it was super adorable. I cant wait for the rest!


No way! Thanks so much for uploading your play-through of my game! This is just so flattering! I died when you reacted so well to the first appearance of the doll character! Super interesting to see how you navigated through the first section too. I'm for sure going to be extending the game to the "full version" I had in mind in the coming months. It'll be released all at once as the full game which should be approximately 5x as long as what you just played. Again just thank you so much, this was my first attempt at making any kind of game and it's just beyond heartwarming to see such a positive response! ♥


Would you be cool with me sharing your vid to some of my social media? It'd be awesome to be able to show to people a full play-through someone did of the game!


of course, i dont mind at all. Keep up the good work =)


Cute art style and fairly smooth shift of scenes. A more distinct part to click at the background would be appreciated, though ^^;

(2 edits)

Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback! I'll for sure be doing an update in the future where the clickable areas are a little more obvious. I'm hoping to include an update where clickable areas will glow or get a shadow over them so the player knows it's an area of interest. 


 Loved the mystery of the story!  The visuals were so interesting and engaging.  Loved the immersive sound effects!  Fun humor and a bit dark.  Loved the player interaction.  I recommend this to anyone who loves cool art and a great mystery! Good for all ages even with the spooky atmosphere.

Thank you so much for the support PJ! So glad you enjoyed your experience with Doll Story! Definitely keep an eye out for the full game, the rest of the story has a bit less spooks but more humor and christmasy stuff ;)  Again thanks so much for playing!